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Biodegradable Pet Urns
Create a Living Memorial with BioUrn®

While I don't sell BioUrns here in my shop, I do believe that the combination of a handblown glass memorial and a living memorial from BioUrn4Pets makes a perfect pairing. The owner of BioUrn4Pets (Lisa Brambilla) and I have agreed to provide information about each other's services on our sites.

BioUrn® is designed to provide pet parents with a living memorial that serves as a tribute to a beloved family member. Let their memory live on… with BioUrn®. 



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Celebrate the bond between you and your beloved companion by creating a beautiful, living tribute to their memory. BioUrn was created by a pet lover for pet lovers. It is a handmade, biodegradable cremation urn that holds the entirety of their ashes along with soil and the seed or seedling of your chosen tree. Grow a circle of life memorial for that special family member who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. BioUrn is the trusted choice in green burial options, made in the USA, and is a veteran owned business.

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