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Ashes encased in a spiraling galaxy within a beautiful glass marble. This is an example of one color pattern that I've done. If you'd like, we can come up with a custom design.

Galaxy Marble

  • I hope that having one of these will bring some comfort to you, and that it will act as a reminder of the joy that you and your companion gave each other.


    This marble contains a beautiful vortex of colors and embedded ashes. It looks like a spiraling galaxy, and seems to swirl away infinitely. It's difficult to capture the depth of this in a photo. For a video, click here: The lens of the marble creates an optical illusioin of a depth that is much greater than it possibly could be in reality. If there are colors that you are curious about, just send me a message and I can show you examples.


    These marbles are around 1 1/4" to 1 3/8"


    The colors of these marbles can be customized. (There does need to be dark colored stripes behind the ashes to make them really stand out.)  I'll work with you to create your own personal memorial marble. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 


    If you decide to order a custom marble, I'll send you instructions (and help you) to get a very small amount of ashes to me. As soon as they arrive I'll begin creating a unique piece of art for you. I'll be very careful and respectful with the ashes, and I'll return any remaining ash to you along with your marble.


    When you order, if you'd like to, you can send me a photo and tell me about your companion. I'll think about that as I make your piece. That description can influence my work, and in a way, can help to bring the spirit of your friend into this custom marble.


    These beautiful, one of a kind heirlooms are carefully crafted in my small studio in Northern California. They are made with high quality borosilicate glass (which is much more durable than standard glass) and are kiln annealed.

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